Petzen - Top of Südkärnten

Spectacular races

The Enduo Park consists of several lines and leads over the practice slope of the ski area. It is the outlet of the thriller. The subsoil is natural from clay soil and stones. Typical elements such as adjacent curves, stones and tables ensure spectacular races.


At a glance

Length: 400 meters
Difficulty: medium difficulty
Protectors: Helmet duty



Tracks + Trails


Experience an adventure and conquer the mountain with your bike!

The MTB Zone Bike Park Petzen belongs to and cooperates with the MTB Zone Bike Parks Geisskopf and Willingen. It is also a member of the European Leading Bikeparks and the Flow Trails Carinthia.

The leading track designer and "King of Flow" Diddie Schneider was hired for the construction of the bike park.

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SC Petzen

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