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Safety and driving fun thanks to the right techique

 Keeping your balance sounds simple and natural, and yet it is the decisive factor for your MTB development. With us, you can find out how it’s done very intuitively, without long explanations on the Balance’o’Meter, a method developed by Diddie Schneider. Nothing teaches you the right posture on the bike faster and more memorable.

Our courses
  •  Basic course
  • Kids and teenagers
  • Familys
  • Advanced
  • MTB technology
  • Enduro
  • Jumps and drops
  • Private lessons

Bike better with MTB ZONE
Who knows how to do it is relaxed.
Those who are relaxed find balance.
If you have the right balance, you feel safe.
If you feel safe, you will make rapid progress.
And then it’s really fun!


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