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Petzen - Top of Südkärnten

Walter Mory Klettersteig


Ascent to Krischa Hut (1,670m) Mark 603; Turn off to the left at 1,450 m above sea level. After about 10 minutes - at 1,530m the via ferrata begins. The exit is located at the fire pit (1,695m). An exit option is arranged approximately in the middle of the via ferrata. (1,600m) . The via ferrata can also be climbed from the mountain station via the Krischa in the tour.



The via ferrata is secured almost continuously with ropes, cross passages and plates are provided with iron steps. For the experienced without any problems, but sure-footedness and freedom from dizziness are required. Climbing harness and helmet required! For weaker participants, use of ropes is highly advisable!





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Tourismusregion Klopeiner See - Südkärnten