Skifahren auf der Petzen

Ski pass 2022/2023

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Kids / Juveniles
Students Seniors
 2 Days
77,00 38,00 53,50 77,00
 3 Days
113,00 56,00 79,00 113,00
 4 Days
145,50 72,00 102,00 145,50
 5 Days
174,00 86,00 120,50 174,00
 6 Days
196,50 97,00 137,50 196,50
 7 Days
212,00 105,00 148,50 212,00
 + Deposit 2,00 2,00 2,00 2,00
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From the 3-days ski pass, a photo is oblogatory.


Season ticket 2022/2023

Categories Adults Kids / Juveniles
Students Seniors
Saison ticket
435,00 210,00 210,00 435,00
 + Deposit 2,00 2,00 2,00 2,00
 Price in Euro incl. VAT
A photo is obligatory        


Corona Refund Guarantee for Season Tickets Winter 2022/23
In the event of a lockdown that is imposed continuously for the ski resort for at least 4 weeks and if the ski pass has not been used more than 14 times, pro rata refunds can be granted.
Imposition of lockdown in the period before 15.12.2022: Full refund of the purchase price of the unused season ticket
Imposition of lockdown in the period up to 14.02.2023: Refund less aliquot calculated days of use
Imposition of lockdown in the period after 15.02.2023: No entitlement to a pro rata refund


TOP SKI PASS Carinthia, East Tyrol

31 ski resorts in Carinthia & East Tyrol – as long as winter lasts. From the Weinebene to the Petzen to Sillian. From Nassfeld to Katschberg.

  • 31 ski resorts (24 in Carinthia & 7 in East Tyrol)*
  • 891 km of slopes*
  • 274 Climbing Aids*
  • Super Family and Partner Packages
  • Snow & Fun to the point of waving

*Subject to change

All ticket prices (Partner- und Familytickets, as well as tickets for invalids) and information you will find at


SKI REGION SÜD - 5 Ski Regions with 1 Ski Pass

Weinebene - Koralpe - Salzstiegl - Petzen - Obdach

24 Ski lifts, 70 slope kilometers: easy to reach

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 Paketbeispiele 2021/2022
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All prices and more information:



  • Children's discount: For children aged 6.0 to 14.99 years. Children under 6 years of age accompanied by their parents or a parent have free travel.
  • Youth discount: For young people from 15.0 to 18.99 years. Proof must be provided with a valid photo ID.
  • Student discount: For students from 19.0 to 24.99 years. Proof must be provided with a valid student ID (photo).
  • Reduction for seniors: from 60 years (women) or 65 years (men). Proof with valid photo ID.
  • Persons with disabilities: from 60% you will receive the child tariff according to the applicable tariff sheet with a valid ID.
  • Family discount: Only available in the family association. In principle, it can only be granted if the family affiliation (photo ID) is proven. The guest agrees to the purchase of a personal photographic recording and storage at the ticket issuing points and access points (turning points). This data is used for control purposes to prevent misuse of tickets.
  • Other discounts: State-certified ski instructors and certified state ski instructors receive the children's tariff in the day ticket area with a valid ID.


Top Ski Pass Kärnten Osttirol

Skiregion SüdSkiregion Süd

Tourismusregion Klopeiner See - Südkärnten

Geopark Karawanken